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Why You Should Unapologetically Embrace Self-Care

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Written by: Teddi Z. Teopaco

Edited by: Bettina V. Jose

We’re living in extraordinary times these days—what with the harsh reality of navigating life and the ~new normal~ amidst a pandemic, or the political mess we find ourselves in. It’s easy to get carried away by the collective confusion and anger we’re all experiencing. While it’s noble and admirable to take up all these important causes and to want to save the world, we forget that a semblance of peace is absolutely essential —especially at a time like this. One of the best ways to look after our mental wellbeing is by practicing self-care.

Chances are, you’ve already had your fill of self-care tips and posts. And most likely, you’ve associated the concept with a fancy spa day or a shopping spree, but self-care actually goes much deeper than that. Self-care is far from being self-centered; at its core, it is all about honoring our mind, body, and souls with the time and effort it deserves.

But of course — as much as we’d hate to admit it — taking care of ourselves is much easier said than done. Between trying to be the best employee from home, ensuring your loved ones practicing social distancing and well, fighting anti-maskers online on the side, you might be wondering if you’re allowed to take a break and with today’s current events, you might even feel a bit guilty for tending to your own needs. However, this shouldn’t be case. After all, a famous queen once said, “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

More than a trend or an excuse to “treat yourself”, practicing self-care is a powerful statement that you love, value, and of course, care for yourself, too. If this concept is something you need help embracing with, here are some simple and meaningful ways to introduce self-care into your life.


1. As Mimiyuh says, drink your water b%#!h

We’ve all been told that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day — and for good reason. Hydration is key for ensuring that all your cells, organs, and body are properly functioning. The simple act of drinking water is often overlooked but it’s actually one of the best ways to stay healthy and to make sure your body is getting what it needs to survive the days that now feel so much longer than usual. As an added bonus, staying keeps your skin clear and healthy, too!

2. Sleep

Let’s be real: We’ve all slept at an ungodly hour after binging a Netflix series recently. While it’s great that you’re getting your money’s worth, don’t forget that sleeping at least 7 to 9 hours a day can do a world of good for your mood in the morning. Try to avoid having caffeine 6 hours before bedtime and try to keep your gadgets away from your place of rest. With the work-from-home set-up on the rise, it’s also become important to draw clear boundaries between your workspace and your bedroom.

3. Meditate

As we deal with the looming uncertainty clouding over us, it’s vital that we don’t let our thoughts get the best of us. Thankfully, meditation helps redirect that ~ bad juju ~ by putting things into perspective, while also helping us find our inner peace. Remember: Every breath counts.

4. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (or actually dance while nobody’s watching)

Another great way to release all that bad energy you’re feeling inside is by simply shaking it off. The best part is you can do this in your room by yourself with no one judging your song choice. (It’s okay, we memorize Taylor Swift’s songs, too!)

5. Say No

We’ll keep this one simple: If someone’s asking you to do something that doesn’t sit right with you, just say no. Trust us, you’ll find that protecting your peace is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself.

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