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 OUR story 

Spring is a non-profit organization founded in July 2018 by young adults working towards creating a safe space where mental health is no longer misunderstood nor mistreated among the Filipino youth. We do this by planning quarterly events and organizing talks and summits geared towards mental health awareness and mental wellness.


To offer Filipino adolescents a community that provides activities and opportunities which promote mental wellness and deepen the understanding of mental health


To be a safe space where mental health is no longer misunderstood or mistreated

White Space

Mind and Body Wellness Studio


Nissin Yakisoba

Sip & Gogh

Earth Desserts

 JacknJill Magic

Trampoline Park

SIP Purified Water

Plana Forma

Metropolitan Medical Center

Pure Nectar

Ateneo De Manila Senior High School

Assumption San Lorenzo Senior High School

St. Theresa's College

De La Salle University

Assumption San Lorenzo College

University of East Ramon Magsaysay Sigma Beta Sorority

University of the Philippines Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

SK Forbes and SK Bel-Air

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